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@ -57,7 +57,10 @@ chmod +x $root_path/instance_*
echo "Waiting 120 seconds for setup to finish"
sleep 120;
echo "Installing WordPress..."
docker exec $name bash -c "cd /home/$(whoami)/public_html; wp core download; chown -R $(whoami) /home/$(whoami)/public_html"
wpdbuser=$(docker exec $name cat /var/lib/mysql/creds |grep User| awk -F ": " {'print $2'})
wpdbpass=$(docker exec $name cat /var/lib/mysql/creds |grep Password| awk -F ": " {'print $2'})
wpdb=$(docker exec $name cat /var/lib/mysql/creds |grep Database| awk -F ": " {'print $2'})
docker exec $name bash -c "cd /home/$(whoami)/public_html; wp core download; wp config create --dbname=$wpdb --dbuser=$wpdbuser --dbpass=$wpdbpass ; chown -R $(whoami):$(whoami) /home/$(whoami)/public_html;"
echo "Local Development Instance Created, to stop run ./instance_stop from within the base directory"
echo "MySQL DB Credentials"
docker exec $name cat /var/lib/mysql/creds